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Swing Gates Units


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The CSW-200-UL™ is The most popular of all swing

gate operating systems in the country. It is designed

with a “non-scissor action” arm that will greatly reduce

the chance of injury. This unit can handle gates up to

18' in length at 75 cycle per hour and is designed for

high traffic applications such as heavily accessed

gated communities and commercial buildings.

The CSW-200-UL™ is protected by a 1/4" thick,

unbreakable polyethylene plastic cover for long life and

lasting protection. This operator has proven to be one

of the most reliable swing gate operators on the market

for over a decade.




The digital current sensor continuously monitors the motor current. It

can be set for both the opening and closing cycles. If the gate is

closing and hits a vehicle, the sensor detects the increased load on

the motor and reverses. If the gate is opening and hits a vehicle, it

stops and reverses 4 to 6 inches. The sensor is smart enough to

operate on off-level installations and not to react to wind resistance.


Most swing gate operator arms will cross  and produce a dangerous “scissor”

action while opening the gate to a 90°opening, as shown in picture “A”. We

designed our CSW-200™ operator arms to not cross, eliminating the scissor

action as shown in picture “B”. This feature reduces the risk of injury from

the gate operator arm. the loop.




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