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Slide Gate Units


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The LiftMaster® SL580 is a durable heavy-duty gear-driven operator for use on heavy gates and high-cycle appications such as gated communities and industrial locations. The powerful design supports gate lengths up to 75 feet and gate weights up to 1,900 pounds. A strong powder-coated galvanized steel chassis, all-weather gearbox, as well as a weather-resistant lockable cover ensure years of rugged and reliable performance. This model is ideal for heavy commercial and industrial installations and is UL325-compliant.



Inherent obstruction sensing
bulletExternal obstruction sensing
bulletAdvanced dual gate operation
bulletSequenced access management
bulletDigital logic control
bulletLED indicators
bulletWarning device
bulletLoop detector inputs
bulletTimer to close
bulletMaximum run timer
bulletEmergency stop button
bulletMaglock control
bulletControl inputs
bulletMechanical braking
bulletLimit settings
bulletSurge & spike protection
bulletManual disconnect
bulletHinged access cover
bullet2 year warranty


The LiftMaster® Estate Series SL1000 is a heavy-duty operator designed for high-traffic applications such as gated communities and commercial sites. It is available with your choice of the standard B3 or the enhanced X3 controller boards. Both are engineered for the highest durability and safety. Powered by a continuous-duty 1/2 HP industrial motor with overload protection, the SL1000´s brawny design supports gate lengths up to 40 feet and gate weights up to 1,000 pounds. A cold rolled steel chassis, temperature-resistant gearbox and spin resistant gearbox ensure rugged and reliable performance. Included as standard features are dynamic braking, tailgate suprression and intelligent obstruction sensing.

The inherent adjustable sensing system initiates gate reversal when contact is made with an obstruction. With an exclusive automatic service request, the X3 models are virtually hassle-free - fault conditions or scheduled maintenance automatically initiate a service request through a pager or a computer utilizing the SGOWin operator software.


STANDARD FEATURES (Supported by B3 & X3 models)

bulletInherent obstruction sensing
bulletExternal obstruction sensing
bulletMaglock control
bulletControl inputs
bulletAnti-tailgate (ATG) suppression
bulletSingle/dual gate operation
bulletTandem gate operation
bulletDynamic braking
bulletTimer to close
bulletMaximum run timer
bulletLED indicators
bulletLimit switches
bulletSpike & surge protection
bulletTerminal wiring


X3 Controller Board Expanded Features

bulletAutomatic "service request" system
bulletAdvanced Maintenance Alert SystemTM
bulletRemote diagnostics
bullet7-day time schedule
bulletEvent recording




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